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Wellness Initiative Network

WIN Star

“When a bell is rung others nearby resonate with the same vibration.”



We want to meet and work with people who have had successes

in the mastering of their own relationship with wellness.

Such successful evidence-based traditions have contributed to

the balanced approach of GCD Wellness Labs with the best practices

from those ancient, current, and even “ahead of their time.”


We use exercise and nutrition as our basis for personal health

in order to establish commitment to our own wellness first. 

In the spirit of mutually beneficial FriendShips, we share

authentic, person-centered support in hope & empathy 

to expand our “ripples of wellness.” This helps us to create

a safe, empowering environment together where each of us

can practice skills, advocate for our peers and

ultimately achieve sustainable happiness.*


We also pursue “sustainable happiness” as a group through epicenter spaces      

in order to empower our community in familiarity with wellness for ourSelf.     

Included in this essential rediscovery, though, are the dimensions of how,      

when, and why, etc…This IS a journey  to support each other for deepening

insight and building skills necessary to succeed in living as community... 

We serve to empower specialists in Peer Wellness to deepen awareness of

emotional, physical, spiritual, and mind-health holistic dynamics. 




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