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Who we are

We refer to our collective presence as the "Allied Circles of Excellence" (=ACE=),
or "Allied Communities of Earth," with a Grand Council consisting of
our guiding body of officers, associates, and advisors.

Global Community Designs (GCD) is the inner structure that brings =ACE=
support and empowerment; a club-type organization, so helpful for success in life. 

Non-profit organizations of this nature are often also called "Mutual Benefit Societies."

Our community includes artist-specialists in a variety of mediums, engineers, musicians,
women and men business professionals, therapists, shamans, culinary creators, alchemists,
dancers, writers, peer support specialists, ambassadors, media and event producers, and activists
because to realize our vision we know a wide blend of faith and action benefits a life worth living.


The Isle of ATA

GCD Representatives are servants to the larger design, beyond any of us to know completely,
though program activity for entire regions is coordinated by Regional Liaisons
and Network Ambassadors via supportive epicenters.  Our services are
facilitated by support specialists for member community accounts.
Global Community Designs is managed by administrators which, 
at first glance may not appear to be corporate officers; this is because
our organization features an inclusive family culture, as one would hope
a club would be.  We strive for the most excellent blend of comfort, safety,
and professionalism...all the important aspects to being a business,
attentative of delivering world-class quality customer service.

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