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Showcasing Member Creations

In addition to offering multi-media production services and its own in-house outlets, Global Community Designs also offers opportunity to showcase member-produced media arts.

Allied Synergy

Our current range of production outlets include: 
  • a variety of online magazines where member literature and photography can be included
  • our music compilations can feature audio productions and visual designs for cover art
  • webinar productions can accommodate photography, and a variety of audio tracks
  • visual designs can be featured on our webpages (photography and flash presentations)
  • online radio and podcast presentations can include spoken word and other audio productions


This is a good example of a simple mutual benefit option we offer.  If promotion of your creations in any of these options interest you, an agreement to use original content with your permission(s) is standard procedure.  Supporting the practice of written agreements to preserve community trust is also part of our Grace Accord.  Records of agreements are kept on file if you ever need to consult our copy.

Interested community members should mail our chief crew officer to explore this further:


We appreciate your interest and you are most welcome!

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