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What we do

Our work in the world is promoting a way of life that is sustainable and graceful;
we do this by offering educational and supportive services to increase experience of
peaceful relations as people, families, businesses, communities, and...entire nations.
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The services we offer are presented through a network of embassies
and support locations that serve as epicenters for our programs and projects
encompassing the wide spectrum of interest areas within our influence.
To view our scope of focus as only concerning humans is limited though,
because to realize a graceful paradigm upon the planet we also need to
take into consideration the interests of animals, plant life, and...
even the earth itself; the mountains, the rivers, and the sky.


Elysian Seashore

It has been said that accomplishing a major cultural shift in lifestyle involves
"a million acts of kindness" and we realize omnipresence is a tall order--
made possible for us through working and playing allies.

The pages in our About Us section assist to become familiar
with us and the mission of Global Community Designs.
Please, here hear, a word to the wise: to attempt to behold
the Grand Design (also referred to as "the big picture")
in its entirety is often too much for many people to grasp
all at once.  Anchoring your perspective of view in what is
most relevant to your life as a reference point is helpful...And,
when you feel ready, expand your world of the familiar from there.
Our common ground is preserved through an accord of graceful relations,
and we realize this in the world by providing a wide spectrum of support services
to our member individuals, groups, and also to the public through charitable activities
in the spirit of symbiosis (mutual benefit)Our Work, in community development,
peer support, and many collaborative alliances, offers multiple series of events,
technical assistance provision, and even sponsorships to member-citizens.
Public benefit activities for charity are actually less a focus for us 
as they are for the more common 501(c)(3) non-profits because
entire organizations need support for their virtuous causes too.
We have made the cause of serving the needs of communities
the top priority for our mission: support the supporters.
This is our reason for existence.

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