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Our Services

Allied Circles of Global Community Designs
As an organization, GCD specializes in community network supports,
and the nature of mutual benefit makes it easier to do so many things
together, rather than alone, through cost sharing, time exchange, barter,
and other similar supports for our common needs such as providing
 for a family, a neighborhood, or perhaps for operating a business.
Three paths lead to involvement in our society of communities,
one is to become a member and another is to join as crew,
and the third is to partner in our Projects and Campaigns.
The site dimensions expand for activated user accounts and
various tiers of member-citizens in Global Community Designs.


AMusing Way of Life
In addition to what you see here, additional information about our supportive services
can be found in our Forums and by visiting the GCD Library of documentation. 
These resources are accessible with activated user accounts and various tiers
of MemberShip as the information applies to the interest support areas.
If you absorb information best in audio format we have extensive archives
of our history of conference calls, podcasts, and online radio shows.
Our range of support options is shared in more detail atMember Benefits

We offer our services in Wellness Support and education,
affording access to information and programs that are intended
to improve quality of life with an emphasis on support services for
individuals and families who want to live a more sustainable way.

Family Support for new parents is a very important program
indeed, it does take a village to raise a child--especially in a way
that is lower-impact to the ecosystem...which is very often
not realistic for a new family without available supports.

Communications tools and Technical Assistance are
popular benefits we offer which appeal to small groups
that are just starting up on their journey of development
into established organizations of their own. We offer
coaching in areas of the process of developing products
and establishing a business identity.  Cost sharing for access
to communications tools is a big focus of our support services.

We present a Marketplace, present both in the real world and online,
that features green products and services created by our member-citizens
which we make available to our community MemberShips and to the public.

The Events we feature are for community development, entertainment,
education, fundraising, and offered as family reunions and open houses.

Member-citizens have access to our Media Production Services
for podcast activity, online radio broadcasting, and, as we grow,
more shall be possible for showcasing our members' creations...


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