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Meet our Crews


Global Community Designs (GCD) is the non-governmental organization
that manages the worldly needs of this Mutual Benefit Society.
Here we have information about the various councils
of influence by geography and interest area, role types
for interactivity, and biographies on our team members
in positions of administration.  Of the many reasons why
having guardians who bear this responsibility in service to
our communities is valuable, listed here are 3 of the primary:
1: so those of us who choose to not live as much absorbed in the ways of the world may enjoy a healthy distance from the distractions and woes of being in the modern "mainstream" world, where we find we are often misunderstood.
2: because navigating worldly systems can be daunting to some of us who really just want to focus on art, music, creativity of various mediums and pursuits of spirituality without the bother of distracting worldly processes.
3: many of us from time to time just need to take a brief respite from the craziness of the modern fast-paced world too, and that should be okay...
Our administration crew is the responsible party for governing activities,
internal and external, to meet the needs in our society of communities.
Radiating from GCD, in a spectrum, are many Allied Communities
of Earth (=ACE=)--these are concentric circles of interconnection
representing a Grand Design for mutual benefit (which, in other
words, is also referred to as symbiosis).  Our culture and cause is
to advance our own understanding of Self in relation to everything,
gracefully, so that we may know paradise on Earth within our lifetimes.
The Isle of ATA
Purpose in Existence is a central theme in the culture of Global Community Designs;
listed below are the most relevant circles of influence, each with its own specific purpose.
The complete structural body, made up of (1) Core Council, (4) Regional Councils,
and (8) Advisory Councils is called the "Grand Council of Allied Circles."
The Core Council features seats for Executive Directors
and Officers who have the greatest measure of responsibility
in attending to the worldly needs of our Mutual Benefit Society.
There are 13 seats at the Round Table encompassing a spectrum
of influence the entire organization represents in the world.
Inquiries for interest in the Core Council can be sent by
the Contact Form to the GCD Site Administration.
Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Financial Officer Research and Development Justice Affairs
Prime Secretary Community Wellness Mystic Matters
Arts & Entertainment Events Production Travel and Commerce

Prime Ambassador

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check back for more content to come soon...

The Regional Councils involve officers and directors
in roles of managing Global Community Designs' activities
relative to 4 shields/directions: North, East, South, and West.
There are 13 seats for each of the 4 Regional Councils.
Members of this range are also called "Regional Liaisons."
The Advisory Councils accommodate a current range of
individuals representing external organizations--partnered
with Global Community Designs, which advise on activities.
There are 8 councils of this type, each with 13 seats.
Members of this range are called "external allies,"
advisors, consultants, and therefore, part of our
extensive network of Externally Allied Circles.

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