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Mutual Benefit

Allied Circles of Global Community Designs
What comes with contributing to collective wellbeing is receiving,
this is a circle of mutual benefit, oftentimes also called "mutual aid."
As a simple rule of thumb, give what you can and in return receive equal measure.
The nature of mutual benefit makes it easier to do so many things, together,
for meeting our needs in life like supporting a family, a neighborhood,
or perhaps for starting up and operating a sustainable business.
Even uncommon needs are often more easily met through
mutually supporting one another as a whole community.
Our scope of member services are organized in 4 areas:

> wellness support

> multi-media design

> special event productions

> sustainability (TBL) marketplaces.*

Contributions of value are essential for fueling what we do
and supportive benefits are offered to "everybuddy" in return.
Strength in numbers is a way of saying how this model works,
how, together, we could "be the change you wish to see in the world." 
Our presentation is humble to reflect our dedication to be of low-impact
to our surroundings, and ecosystem, in other words...perhaps, in a meek way.
AMusing Way of Life
Giving your tribute to our Mutual Benefit Society
allows us to continue increasing our influence
with designs to promote a graceful way of life:

> event production to engage our communities

> developing intentional community opportunities

> our assistance to reduce -> reuse -> and recycle resources

> multi-media creations to educate about and inspire our cause

> "green" marketplaces to promote sustainability in commerce

> training curriculums for community wellness specialists

> aid in transitioning to alternative sustainable systems:

  • with exchanges and investing in cryptocurrencies
  • crisis recovery/prevention peer programs
  • in healthy family supports, and...
  • raising the next generations...


 *: TBL (also 3BL) refers to "Triple-bottom-line business philosophy and practices
More information is viewable with an activate user account and various tiers
of MemberShip, these can be accessed by giving tribute to our cause;
information on how to contribute or donate

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