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MUSE Media Arts


AMusing Way of Life

MUSE Media Arts inspires, supports, and uplifts
visionary artists in our community to realize dreams,
for personal and collective wellness and entertainment.
Through multimedia production platforms connected to
community resources we effectively bring our jewels of
artistic creation to inspire and educate the world...
MMA collaborates with other areas of our organization
to serve with the media design needs of our community.
For lovers of artistic and musical productions among us
media gems can be accessed through ATA Marketplace
and creative producers are welcome to become involved.
The programs and platforms we use include Soundcloud,
Youtube, Photoshop, MS Publisher, Zoom and others
to broadcast our messages; more are added as
we expand when new media formats are discovered
and new members join our team.  Online radio/podcast
is a big focus for us and inclusion within our shows
has been a big draw for our community seeking
to educate and enlighten ourselves and others.

Allied Synergy

More information about MUSE Media Arts
becomes available with activated user accounts
for members of Global Community Designs.

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