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Memberance in our Community

In order to become a member-citizen for accessing our support services we ask you to take some time
with care and intent to share your interests with us so we may know you for your place in our community.
This is how it's been done for all ways, allowing space for folks to feel valued and included.  You may find
our Application for Memberance intriguing and perhaps enjoyable to find out more about your interests.
We ask that you stay within your comfort zone but in your sharing, give enough for a basic introduction. 

In the spirit of mutual benefit, we also ask for your support in return to keep our fuel supply
plentiful and vibrant for this grand adventure that fills our lives with fun and purpose.

Elysian Shoreline

As a simple rule of thumb, give what you can and equal (or more) you will receive in return.
We have a variety of standard benefit packages that provide time and support values,
and also offer custom packages for a more organically grown service relationship.
We accept non-monetary contributions of value on a case by case basis.

The following table gives a basic idea of amounts of time and value afforded to MemberShips:

Type* Offers Include Cost (in US $) Duration of Time
Basic Tier 1 range 40 Quarterly*
Expanded         Tier 1 & 2 ranges 150 Quarterly*
Full Access Tier 1, 2 & 3 ranges 325* Quarterly*

*: unused value carries over at cycle end and custom packages can reach higher values than those shown.
Monthly and yearly member due cycles may be possible on a case by case basis.


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