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Memberance in our Community

As humans we need connection and belonging.  There are so many reasons why our modern world
poses challenges to making/keeping meaningful and lasting connections.  If you are looking for
like-minded folks to connect with and/or want more support for your goals and needs
then you may benefit from giving this some of your time and attention:
In order to become a member-citizen and access our realm of benefits we ask you to take some time
with care and intent for some self reflection to assess your strengths, interests, and most precious values--
in preparation to share your interests with us so we may know you for your place in our community.
This is how it's been done for all ways; allowing space for folks to feel valued and included. 

Elysian Shoreline

Please, when you feel ready to start exploring an adventure of community,
we like to call a Journey of Rememberance, observe these few steps:


  1. After some time to gather thoughts about your interests and strengths, view our online Application for Memberance. You will likely find it intriguing and perhaps enjoyable in the chance to learn more about your own interests.  We ask that you stay within your comfort zone as this is paramount to stay true to your Self.  In your sharing, please do share enough information for at least a basic introduction so we can see how to bring the most value to fit the needs in your life. 
    • In the spirit of mutual benefit, we ask for your support in return to keep an ample and vibrant fuel supply for this grand adventure that fills our lives with fun and purpose If you are unable to give a financial tribute there is a free option because your interest in our cause is of tremendous value to our community of communities.  
    • View the Grace Accord if you wish to learn about our culture, and guiding virtues.  It is the code of conduct that unites us in our values.
      • Although showing accordance with our culture of grace is not necessary for basic MemberShip, it is the first substantial step to realizing a full place in our society, and progress to become influential in LeaderShip roles.  Demonstration can be by online form or by printing a copy of the signable version of the Grace Accord, signing where provided, and then sending it to us when completed.  Adoption of the Grace Accord in your life defines and guides the way we relate with each other, in other words, your life expands in scope to become our life.  In the spirit of mutual benefit, show of support for our values opens the doors to opportunity.
    As a simple rule of thumb, give what you can and equal (or more) you will receive in return.
    We have a variety of standard benefit packages that provide you time and support value.
    We also offer custom packages for a more organically grown support relationship.
    Non-monetary contributions of value are considered on a case by case basis.
    We also offer the option to become a member and contribute to our efforts
    through the fundraising platform we feature at Patreon:
    This table gives a general idea of amounts of value afforded
    through our MemberShips, though this detail of display is limited.
    Member Benefits are frequently evolving, view them in more detail here.
    Type* Offers Include Cost (in US $) Duration of Time
    Guest News updates Free Perpetual
    Basic Tier 1 range 40 Quarterly*
    Expanded         Tier 1 & 2 ranges 150 Quarterly*
    Full Access Tier 1, 2 & 3 ranges 325* Quarterly*

    *: value carries over at cycle end for unredeemed balance and custom packages can reach higher than what is shown.
    Monthly and yearly member due cycles may be possible on a case by case basis.


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