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Member Benefits

Verily, the most important benefit that people access when becoming
a member of a community is the potential for valuable purpose in life.

Bridge of Soulful Loving

Within the Mutual Benefit Society that is Global Community Designs,
our community of many communities' greatest strength is that we
preserve a bond of trust between us carried in grace. This unites
us as people who share similar values and interests.  Through this
access of MemberShip we extend this supportive infrastructure
to greater and even greater extent of Global Community on Earth.
In addition to the member benefit service packages listed below,
organized into value-based tiers, access to our society also allows
for the ability to share in mutual benefit with other members
that have similar needs and interests.  Time exchange, barter,
gifting economy, and collaborative consumption are some
of the familiar terms associated with these options.

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check back for more content to come soon...

Value is a fluid concept in our Mutual Benefit Society.  We do accept
non-monetary contributions of value--approved on a case by case basis.
Type   Includes* Value
Tier I Newsletter transmission, updates, guest access at events. Free
Tier II
Member card, welcome packet, inclusion in communications tools,
and 1 (one) $10 value card monthly via ATA Marketplace to access
allied goods & services, trainings, and program activities.
$15/month or $40/quarter**
Tier III
Same as Tier I & II with 1 (one) monthly $50 ATA Marketplace
value card instead
$60/month or $150/quarter**
Tier IV
Same as Tier I & II with 1 (one) monthly $100 ATA Marketplace
value card instead
$125/month or $345/quarter**
Tier V
Same as Tier I & II with 1 (one) monthly $100 ATA Marketplace
value card instead
$250/month or $750/quarter**
†: Global Community Designs is not responsible for the outcome of all exchanges
which are on a member-to-member basis, however tracking and supervision
of exchanges is an option that can be included to customize a benefit package.

*: See ATA marketplace listings for current availability of goods and services

**: The cost of customized packages and benefits may vary from these amounts.

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