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Global Community Designs is the core epicenter from which multiple Circles of Light radiate,
in the form of interconnected ventures and projects, resembling a web of allied concentric circles.

Allied Circles matrix

Our satellite projects and programs for gathering member-citizens by interest area include:

Project Name Description
EarthLight Project Peace working; event production; permaculture; FriendShips and LightHouses
Ripples of Wellness (ROWAN) Peer support; advocacy; jobs; Champion the Ripple Effect
Wellness Initiative Network (WIN) Activity coordination to connect Peers with Peers to share wellness support
Helpful Alliance of Loved Ones (HALO) Family support for new parents/families at-risk or in need for crisis relief services.
Armada Talent Alliance (ATA) Green products and services marketplace; platform for barter and time exchange
MUSE Media Arts (MMA) Multi-media design and production for promotion of "New Earth" lifestyles 
MUSE Broadcast Podcasts and live online radio shows supporting our communities


There are many options for getting involved within our family and tribal network
of communities.  Over time we have grown to appreciate the value in offering
multiple mediums and platforms for various interests and perspectives.

Soul, we offer up =ACE= to keep it simple.

=ACE= Logo


=ACE= serves as a base camp for general introduction, including capacity for advisory contributions
from allies, as well as a vehicle to facilitate collaborations and partnerships between our organizations.
The options for getting involved can be associated first by areas of interest and geographic location
and then further as these relate to virtual networks online and activities in the physical world.

While there are a variety of themes and specialized focuses to the GCD subsidiaries and satellites,
there are goals and vision in common for "mutual benefit."  These goals include: 1) promoting peace;
2) living sustainably (reduce --> reuse --> recycle) through conserving and protecting natural resources;
3) making/keeping spaces for community sanctuary and engagement--virtual and corporal, local, global!;
and, 5) conducting our activities gracefully, within both personal and business relations,
with impeccability, honesty, compassion, integrity, and accountability.

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