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Global Community Designs is the core epicenter from which multiple Circles of Light radiate,
in the form of interconnected ventures and projects, resembling a web of allied concentric circles.

If your interest in Global Community Designs is to engage with communities and "Be the Change..."
we invite you to come aboard; become part of a collaborative solution to realize a graceful world.


Allied Circles matrix


The satellite projects and programs we feature for gathering member-citizens by interest area include:

Project Name Description
EarthLight Project Peace working; event production; permaculture; integrated and mobilized networks of FriendShips and LightHouses
Ripples of Wellness (ROWAN) Peer support; jobs; residential sanctuaries; Champion the Ripple Effect
-- Wellness Initiative Network (WIN) Strategic activity coordination to connect Peers with Peers for wellness support
-- Helpful Alliance of Loved Ones (HALO) Family support for new parents/families at-risk or in need of healthy supports.  A child can certainly be raised without a village, but it certainly makes a world of difference
Armada Talent Alliance (ATA) A green products and services marketplace; platform for barter and time exchange
MUSE Media Arts (MMA) Multi-media design and production to nurture and promote inspiring perspectives
We believe a return to a "village model" way of life is possible, and needed,
to be of benefit to all sentient beings of grace, globally, and beyond!
The capabilities of the internet make it more possible than ever.
Our network of support is organized by regional platforms
that =ENGAGE= in both geography and subject interest.
Activities at regular events in each region represent the interests
of the local area network of MemberShips however, generally they are
family reunions and open houses. An optimal rhythmic cycle we suggest
is to gather at least quarterly within your local area networks.
Please click the areas below to view what is currently available nearest you:
[Under Construction]
Cascadia Pacifica Hawai'i
Atalantia Europa  
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