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Giving a Tribute or Donation

Our Mutual Benefit Society thrives by everyone putting in something of value and receiving an equal measure of something that they value. 
Organizations such as Global Community Designs are fueled and sustained through member contributions, in other words, strength in numbers.  Other commonly used terms used for this are "subscriptions" for service.  We prefer to call it "giving tribute to our cause."
Our array of goods and services is accessed and distributed through exchanges in value. 
  • What one person may value another may not so much, so we have come to embrace a versatile system of energy exchanges. 
  • It is common knowledge that one object has different value if it is in better or worse condition, in other words, new, lightly used, or poor condition.  Similarly an individual's time is of different value if it comes with more or less training and skills to be applied to a particular task.  These are some examples of considerations when assessing value, particularly for the topic of non-monetary exchanges.
  • We also accept donations, and appreciate kindness shown, for your generous support of our efforts. 

  • We request when making an offering that you specify whether it is a donation or a tribute, thank you.  Donations to us are not tax-deductible due to our being considered a private benefit non-profit organization under IRS tax code 501(c)(10).

  • We have options for participation as members through contributing energy in the various forms of our time/energy, skilled and unskilled labor, barter (an exchange of physical goods and property), fiat currency, and cryptocurrency.*

*:  We have various wallets to receive value in cryptocurrency; inquire by email to:

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