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Kinnect with us

Site users can reach administration using the contact form.
General communications from the public are welcome
through the following formal routes:
The Home Office of Global Community Designs,
is physically located in Portland, Oregon USA:
Information about social networking
options for connecting online are made
available for site users and members.
We offer regular opportunities to connect--
available activities vary in each region:
Also view our calendar to see how to
get involved in our range of public
and semi-public benefit activities:
Global Synchronized Meditation for 22 minutes
nightly (virtual) peaks at 11:11 pm PST
=ACE= Weekly core team meeting on Zoom
(virtual) for collaborative community alliances
  • Full Moon and New Moon fires (corporeal) 
  • Wellness Initiative Network on Zoom (virtual)
  • =ENGAGE= is twice a year in Winter and Summer (virtual and corporeal)
  • Elysium Vigil is twice a year in Spring and Autumn (virtual and corporeal)
Currently the annual General Assembly is Summer =ENGAGE=
In addition to what is listed, member support representatives
can assist you to find out what is available in your area.
Check back soon for mailing list sign ups,
information about our Zoom meetings,
=ACE= conference call schedules,
and our online radio shows.

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