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Projects & Campaigns

we feature a range of activities associated with Allied Circles
in partnered collaborations; this page shows a current overview.

Allied Synergy

Opportunities for PartnerShips with external allies are
organized into two areas: Projects and Campaigns.
Click on a link in the table below to learn about
each in the scope of purpose, view rosters of
allied organizations, and information about
how to be involved in collaboration with us
to also become a part of a living "Soul-ution."
AMusing Way of Life
Our culture is very interested in preserving
our vitality which comes from connection to
our source of creativity, hope, beauty, and life.
This can be seen in our Projects & Campaigns
for over the years we have evolved continually
to keep meeting the interests and the needs
of much of the Global Community on Earth.
Many organizations in the world, institutions, schools,
churches, societies, are based upon works that
came about a long time ago and are consulted
regularly for their processes and traditions.
The common downside to this reality is that
a culture can get mired in dead works eventually
becoming mechanical without vitality that
comes with constant input and change.
"Be the Change you Wish to See in the World."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

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