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Armada Talent Alliance


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We connect artists, crafts, and service persons, with each other

for creativity support, collaborative productions, and promote

conscious cooperative consumption while facilitating an alliance

of renewed and profound meaning in life. Through inclusion with

this community and appreciation by audiences searching for

“green” talent, we enrich life on the planet

with hope, inspiration, and purpose.


We envision our platforms will be accessible for merchants

and consumers so that money or lack of resources will not be

a barrier for access.  We wish to provide multiple opportunities

for people to bring their messages and talent forth through barter

and charitable assistance in the intention of service to the cause

of increasing the overall brilliance of the planet. 


Through our ATA Marketplace, “green” talent may shine in the world,

conscious creation and consumerism to lead our way of life

on the planet to a new and sustainable golden age. 

More information about Armada Talent Alliance
becomes available with activated user accounts
for members of Global Community Designs.

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