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About Us

Allied Circles of Global Community Designs
We are dedicated to increasing awareness of wellness and peaceful relations
starting with our lives and those nearest to us, by promoting healthy lifestyles
in a sustainable, mutually beneficial way.  United within our local area networks
and global communities, our structure offers capacity for diversity and inclusion.
Our Mission Statement: We provide a platform of support
through our global network as a stage and marketplace,
physical and virtual, where we can share our messages
with each other and the public, in service to the world.
Our Vision Statement: We promote service work
for peace and sustainability so this way of life
may be widely regarded as appealing and
worthwhile within our lifetimes... 

Allied Synergy

The General, Over-arching Cause
of Global Community Designs is
. ... : to Realize Paradise on Earth : ... .

It has been said that accomplishing a major cultural shift in lifestyle involves
"a million acts of kindness" and we realize omnipresence is a tall order--
made possible for us through working and playing allies.

The pages in our About Us section assist to become familiar
with us and the mission of Global Community Designs.
Please, here hear, a word to the wise: to attempt to behold
the Grand Design (also referred to as "the big picture")
in its entirety is often too much for many people to grasp
all at once.  Anchoring your perspective of view in what is
most relevant to your life as a reference point is helpful...And,
when you feel ready, expand your world of the familiar from there.
This is also shared in one of our modern parables:
Each community is a tidepool, and...
still connected to the Greater Ocean.
Just one drop of water is all it takes
~ to Initiate Ripples of Wellness ~

Initiating Ripples of Wellness

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