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Matakite, Chief Executive Officer

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Reverend "Luke A Shootingstar" Walters, Founder,
Matakite (Chief Executive Officer) of Global Community Designs
Luke A Shootingstar
In early 2001, Rev. Luke conceived of GCD
(Global Community Designs) to incorporate
the Circles of Light Alliance in the world.
Two years later he revealed the vision
further as the Elysian Dream, to reach
an even greater diversity of communities.
Although the flame of the Alliance has
been alive in his life since 1991, it is
now referred to simply as =ACE=
(the Alliance for Collaborative Excellence
or Allied Communities of Earth).
On that note, he encountered the EarthLight Project
in late 2006 and a great joining of Crews resulted.
Since then Luke has kept the Alliance alive and well,
linking a network of caravans and LightHouses into
the Fleet of FriendShips--a common ground for
and expanding realm of paradise on Earth.
On December 21st, 2012, Rev. Luke, together with
the assistance of Katsura Balanza, incorporated
Global Community Designs as a 501 (c)(10)
Mutual Benefit Society for stewarding
this society of communities,
as we grow,
possibly even into a new country someday...

In early 2013, he founded the newest subsidiary,
ROWAN International, AKA “Ripples of Wellness”
Allied Networks, for the purpose of coordinating
leagues of Champions of the Ripples Effect.
ROWAN is home port to the tradition of
peer training referred to as U.F.S.S.,
or "Universal FriendShip Support."

Ripples of Wellness offers diplomatic supports
for large scale community-based initiatives focused
on wellness support, permaculture, and "Social Artistry."

Global Community Designs is an ambitious, perhaps,
but surely a beautiful Dream within the realm
of possibility...and well worth REALIZING.

Luke A ShootingstarRev. Luke is a Peer Wellness Specialist,
and Peer Support Specialist, continutally
striving to measure up to his nickname
"Swami CEO."  He identifies as a Jedi,
Champion of the Ripple Effect (ROWAN)
for peace and justice, and a Reverend Minister
with numerous affiliations including: member of
Fellowship of Reconciliation, National Coalition for
Mental Health Recovery, The City Repair Project,
Fellowship for Intentional Community...and has
more affiliations deserving to be listed too.

In worldly education Luke is pursuing a Master's degree in
Regional and Urban Planning. Luke's main roles as Chief
Executive Officer and Swami-Jedi involve promoting
traditions as a living example of integrity, wellness,
and Grace. His voice, music, inspired activism,
and designs touch sentient HeartMinds of
local and global community far and wide~

Members of GCD receive networking access:
Find Rev. Luke on social networking platforms

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