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= ACE = Prime Ambassador

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Ambassador ShizLAN, =ECE=
Primary Representative of
the Allied Circles of Elysium
Ambassador ShizLAN has multi-faceted presence,
which serves to anchor the many connections in
all the complexity that is our wholeness of being.
The role that ShizLAN serves in the Core Council
is a weaver of these threads into a whole synergy.
There are many names and titles for this role-type
throughout the world, "ambassador" may not be
the fullest expression of the role these serve.
A better word for this key role has yet to be.
And, it is best to attempt to avoid limitation
of definition in human-created words anyway.
Supreme Architect, Grand Designer, Super Conductor,
Grand Master, Prime Minister, are some examples
of other terminology for this station of influence.
To make a valiant attempt though, we say that
the name means representative-liaison of our
most excellent and appealing community.
Presence, as a word, represents a valuable
aspect of existence, and ShizLAN embodies
the maximized capacity of our spectrum
housed within one body--an anchor
or a lightning rod, is a fitting metaphor.
Because of this complex existence, These
seek solitude in meditation and peace in
the quiet calmness of the night time. 
In the moonlight are gifts of creativity.
~ A pleasure it is, to be of service ~
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