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Memberance in our Community

As humans we need connection and belonging. If you are looking for like-minded folks
to connect with and/or want more support for your goals and needs then
you may benefit from giving this some of your time and attention:
In order to become a member-citizen and access our realm of supports we ask you to take some time
for self reflection to assess your strengths, interests, and most precious values--
in preparation
to share your interests with us so we may know your unique place in our community.
This is how it's all-ways been done; for all folks to feel valued with belonging. 

Elysian Shoreline

Three paths lead to involvement in our society of communities,
one is to become a member, another is to join as part of the crew,
and the third is to become an external ally in our Projects and Campaigns.
Please, when you feel ready to start exploring an adventure in community,
we like to call it the Journey of ReMemberance, observe these few steps:


In the spirit of mutual benefit, show of support for our values opens the doors to support and opportunity...

  1. View and complete our online Application for Memberance. Please share enough information for a basic introduction so we can best be of service for your interests in life. 
  2. In the spirit of mutual benefit, we ask for your support in return to keep an ample and vibrant fuel supply for this grand adventure that fills our lives with fun and purpose
  3. View the Grace Accord if you wish to learn about our guiding virtues; it is the code of conduct that unites us in our values and culture.
    • Although demonstrating accordance with our culture of grace is not necessary for MemberShip, it is the first substantial step to realizing a station of influence in our society, in other words: "joining the crew."  Demonstration can be by online form or by printing and signing a copy of the signable version of the Grace Accord, then sending it to us when completed.  Adoption of the Grace Accord in your life defines and guides the way we relate with each other, in other words, your life expands in scope to become our life. 
We have a variety of standard benefit packages that provide you time and support value.
We also offer custom packages for a more organically grown support relationship.
Non-monetary contributions of value are considered on a case by case basis.
We also offer the option to become a member and contribute to our efforts
through the fundraising platform we feature at Patreon:
In addition to the member benefit service packages listed below,
organized by value-basis tiers, access to our society also allows
for the ability to share in mutual benefit with other members
who have similar needs and interests.  Time exchange, barter,
gifting economy, and collaborative consumption are some
of the familiar terms associated with these options.
Value is a flexible concept in our Mutual Benefit Society, everyone contributes value and receives an equal measure to maintain mutual benefit.  We also accept non-monetary contributions of value; however, because value is largely subjective, work trade, barter, etc. type offerings are approved on a case by case basis.
Type   Includes* Value
Tier I
the Basics
One of the following options:
  • A wallet-sized MemberShip card
  • Fleet of FriendShips Bracelet
  • musical track from our indiGenious label
  • a piece of artwork from our ATA creators community
  • current month of our New Earth Calendar (digital copy)
  • access to activities (webinars, support groups, events)
$5 USD/month
Tier II
Member card, welcome packet, inclusion in communications tools,
and 1 (one) $10 value card monthly via ATA Marketplace to access
allied goods & services, trainings, and program activities.
$15/month or $40/quarter**
Tier III
Same as Tier I & II with 1 (one) monthly $50 ATA Marketplace
value card instead
$60/month or $150/quarter**
Tier IV
Same as Tier I & II with 1 (one) monthly $100 ATA Marketplace
value card instead
$125/month or $345/quarter**
Tier V
Same as Tier I & II with 1 (one) monthly $100 ATA Marketplace
value card instead
$250/month or $750/quarter**
†: Global Community Designs is not responsible for the outcome of all exchanges
between members, however tracking and supervision of exchanges as an option
is wise and assistance with this can be included to customize a benefit package.

*: See ATA marketplace listings for current availability of goods and services

**: The cost of customized packages and benefits may vary from these amounts.


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