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Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing

As the great quote by Marshall McLuhan puts in words so well:
“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”
We are indigenous to the Earth.
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Earth Healing

This piece of literary artwork was brought to life through contributions by the following authors: Luke A Shootingstar, Craig (Rangi) Ahipene, and Oryx Cohen:


Some have said through crisis we sometimes see an opportunity, the chances of that are greater when there is enough hope and support present. Dawning awareness is growing into full light as the extent of our collective influence is put in perspective with sobering accuracy. Community leaders advocate bringing our existence back into balance with the environment around us, we have been calling forth a bridge for a Great Reconnecting with the Earth.

A webinar bearing this name was introduced in June 2018. It explores ways of healing for our bodies, minds, and spirits and weaves connections for repair—not only on the personal, but also on the larger scale level. Through efforts showcased in the webinar series, a supportive infrastructure is emerging, and very much needed for resilience, empowerment, and sustainable wellness in our communities.  This is what the practical philosophy of permaculture represents.

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In the webinar series, these, and related topics, are approached as innovative opportunities for peering beyond from an extra-ordinary point of view that has not quite dawned upon the larger humanity yet: that there is a link between wellness support and permaculture.  This Way is being illuminated as an additional career path for peers in the workforce who have valuable lived experience overcoming crisis.  The gifted among us carry a golden key to the process needed in order to bring us back to health on the larger planetary scale.  Those of us who have recovered from challenging mental health conditions, addiction, experiencing prolonged house-lessness, the indigenous peoples, veterans, disabled persons, those who have struggled with epilepsy, autism, and similarly debilitating ailments...the list goes on for our common ground is vast indeed.

Soon a new role for employing lived experience in the restoration of wellness may be emerging, this new role represents wellness support and permaculture united: enter, the Community Wellness Specialist.  This new Way empowers many to find dignity and joy in service through their valuable victory.  Blessed are those who have experienced living through turmoil, suffering, and the hardships of crisis and emerged to rediscover quality of life for they have successfully restored peace.  

The voice of the Maori Tribe carries this message of revival through healing by a previous webinar presenter, Chief Rangi Ahipene of the Great Fish Maui (New Zealand):

“I resonate with the Maori understanding of medicine, ‘rongoa,’ which loosely translates to ‘listening.’  I believe in the wisdom of all living creatures to know what it is that ails them in times of sickness, disconnection, and disharmony.  In order to heal, we need to truly listen to ourselves, those around us, the earth, and the universe.  We need to rediscover ancient wisdom that is inside all of us, passed down through indigenous ancestors.  Indigenous people can help us with this, yet we all have this capability, as we all are ultimately indigenous to planet earth (as far as we know).

“After we truly listen, it can be quite overwhelming to feel and know that we are a part of such disharmony.  A few of us seek refuge in ‘crazy,’ or altered/visionary states, which many times can lead to feeling even more disconnected from others.  Most people find ways to distract themselves through work, smart phones, television, and other technologies so that they don’t have to deal with the pain that is all around them.

“But the ‘answer,’ may not be so complicated or difficult.  What if ANYTHING we did that led to more connection, more listening, more healing, was all we needed to do.  The answers might be a lot simpler than we might think.  Again, turning to our indigenous brothers and sisters and ancestors will help in this process.  If we listen, they are telling us to reconnect with the earth.  This reconnection can take many forms.  It can involve having a more authentic and loving relationship with your family and friends.  It can mean planting a garden.  Or starting an organic permaculture farm.  Or going for a hike.  Or eating organic foods.  Or turning the television off at dinner time.  It could mean educating yourself about climate change.  It could mean joining an environmental activist organization.  Any action big or small is a step in the right direction and can have tangible results in our lives.  We don’t have to give up and we don’t have to wait.

“The time for change is now. In this way, rongoa, or listening, can lead to the Maori concept of ‘hauora,’ or well-being for all.”


Reconnecting with the Earth offers a platform for healing on an individual level, coordination of local and global strategic actions, information sharing, communications, and education; this expanding Way offers intrinsic motivation in a rediscovery of purpose, engagement through taking initiative, and the mutual enjoyment in personal and global healing. You can play a role, in your own communities, by being part of the solution in this globally coordinated effort.

Our current roster of organizations united in the Earth Healing Campaign has grown too extensive to list here.  View our roster of allied organizations on its own page now.


The world is wondering which government will take the matter seriously and watching for who will manage to do something about it finally.  Our countrywomen and men are waiting for someone with a backbone to act.  Well, maybe we are the ones we have been waiting for to act in the interest of (and on behalf of) our planet Earth and the many species of life that inhabit it, skitter, walk, crawl, swim, and fly in this blue sphere we call home.  What out there in the world represents a piece inside of us also, as reflections, this is an invitation to Reconnect!


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